About Us

Vosmag Bundu Academy is run by owner Michael(Vossie)Vosloo and is located on the Family Farm called Hoenderland which is situated in the Vredefort Dome area.

The Vredefort Dome (Crater) is currently the largest and one of the oldest known meteor impact sites in the world. It is South Africa’s seventh World Heritage Site.

The area displays exceptional scenic beauty and is rich in bio diversity with remarkable animal and plant populations. Various cultural features also add to the value of the area.
The Vredefort Dome has an exceptional tourism potential, the Vredefort Dome is situated approximately 100 km from Johannesburg.

We have started in 1991 to open  Firebreaks & Firebelts on the farm for Fire Fighting and controlling any fires. To date we still use these Firebrakes to ensure that we can move around on the farm without any restrictions to fight fires if necessary.

We then started offering 4 x 4 people the chance to ride on these Firebreaks to ensure that these routes stay open if we need to use it in cases of fire.

The Fire act instructs all Land owners to have these Firebreaks and Firebelts to prevent fires from spreading.

This is the ideal place to come and test your 4 x 4 skills and the ability of your vehicle and learn about Nature, animals and the surrounding.

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